The Land Of Prophet

 Built the first house for all humanity(Kaaba) in Makkah which is the place of revelation, This is the holy land which is the birthplace of the ruler of the universe(Hazrat Muhammad P.B.U.H). The walls of Makkah are very strong and its greatness cannot be counted.This is the place where the last prophet has sent by God. We are going to tell about him to our readers. Pause for a moment and we will explain the prophethood.

Camp Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh)
Sacred Tree:

Hazrat Abrahim (PBUH) intended to travel with his nephew Hazrat Loot (PBUH) to migrate from the land of disblief and ignorance, And made the land of Syria an exile, Once encamped in Egypt with his message of monotheism and Allah Almighty gave a wonderful gift(Hazrat Hajra) to Hazrat Saira the first wife of Hazrat Ibrahim(PBUH), Hazrat Hajra belonged to Egypt, She is the mother of Hazrat Isma’il (PBUH) and the ancestor of all Adnanis. By making this arrangement, Syeda Saira made Syedna Ibrahim(PBUH) Hazrat Hajra owner. This captive gave birth to Hazrat Ismail (PBUH). Time passed and finally the house in which Syedna Ibrahim had arranged for both of them. Syeda Saira was upset because her captive gave birth to a good lucky baby while she was deprived of herself. Therefore, Hazrat Ibrahim (PBUH) takes his captive with him and goes out in secret and in the same manner. Hazrat Hajara (PBUH) was erasing her footsteps in order to keep this courage alive. Now, we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground, Sayyid Ibrahim (PBUH) seated his wife and his son Ismail (PBUH) under a huge tree in a village between the mountains of Far’an. And He put food in cartouche and water in a waterskin next to them. When Syeda Hajara (PBUH) saw him going back, she was terrified, So she said:” O Ibrahim, to whom have you entrusted us?”And she went after him and asked:”O Ibrahim,Allah has commanded you to do this?”The compassionate master replied: “Yes!” Syeda Hajra replied with cold eyes: “Then you go! Allah Almighty will not waste us” and Syedna Ibrahim (PBUH)left for Syria. So after reaching some distance where Syeda Hajara couldn’t see him,Hazrat Ibrahim(PBUH) prayed in the place of Baitullah.”Our Lord! Indeed, I have left to stay some of my offspring to In the barren valley,by Thy Sacred House;O our Lord,that they may establish regular Prayer: so fill the hearts some of some among me with love towards them, and feed them with fruits: so that they may give thanks(Surah Ibrahim:37)

Syeda Hajara’s water in waterskin ran out. Her beloved Son felt thirsty And she sought water here and there, but sat down exhausted,when she saw her beloved Son in intense thirst, and it was almost as if her beloved was about to end . She saw a high place on one side. It was a mountain called “Safa”. She climbed it and looked to the right and left. But she did not see any water or any person. She saw in front of her and she saw a high place. t was a mountain called “Marwa”. So she got down and started walking towards it.She continued walking till she reached Marwa hill on it she climbed it and looked left and right, but saw nothing.From where she descended and again intended to ascend Safa hill. Finding water for her beloved son, she completed seven cycles between Safa and Marwah. Meanwhile, on a hill, she heard a strange voice and said with a broken heart:”I have heard, I have heard, is there any help?”. She saw the son with her own eyes and found a man standing near the child’s head under a big tree.She had not yet come close when her son threw his heel on the ground and as soon as she saw it, a spring of water gushed forth.How happy Syeda Hajara(AS) was to give water to Syedna Ishmael(PBUH). She tied the water with mud and stones.And for fear of drying out, If she didn’t tied the water it would become a ongoing spring.As the Imam of the Prophets, the leader of the worlds, the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) has said.May the best blessings be upon you, the best reward and the best greetings.

The result of the story:

What we have mentioned is that we have to entrust matters to Allah and rely on Him. Dear brother! do you remember that when syeda Hajara(AS) asked Hazrat Ibrahim (as) To Whom Have You Entrusted Us? Has Allah Almighty commanded you to do this?And Ibrahim (Abraham) said “Yes”. At that time Syeda Hajara said: “Then you go! Allah will not waste us”.They relied on Allah. The spring of Zamzam is actually the result of their trust and rely in Allah.

The beginning of Mecca:

When Allah Almighty blessed Ismail(PBUH) Syeda Hajra with general oppression, a caravan of the general tribe(Jirham) near the valley of Mecca They sent a man to search for water so that they could camp there. This man saw a bird flying and thought it would be water.When he reached there, he saw Isma’il (PBUH) and his mother sitting near the water of Zamzam.When he returned, he told the caravan about it, so he reached the water and asked Hajara for permission to stay with near her camp. She also made it a condition that they would have no right to water. They accepted the condition and set up camp.This was the beginning of the settlement of Ibrahimic Mecca.

Settlement in Mecca:

Makkah was first settled by Umm e Ismail Syeda Hajra and later by the caravan in Jarhim.Ismail(PBUH) grew up and was able to run and work, but his job was still to herd goats and hunt.On the other hand, Syedna Ibrahim (PBUH) has come to take care of his beloved Ismail and Hagar, then Allah Almighty did the same in his sleep.The dream of the Prophets is revelation to sacrifice Ishmael for our sake.Syedna Ibrahim mentioned this to Syedna Ismail and consulted him saying this I see in a dream that I am slaughtering you. See what you think.(Surah Saafaat: 102)

Ismail(PBUH) replied, “Do what you are commanded to do. Insha’Allah, you will find me one of the patient.”Hazrat Ibrahim(PBUH) intended to obey the command of his lord, and he took his son with him and went out to the forbidden place to slaughter him according to the command of his lord.

He had a knife in his hand, but before he could show it, Allah Almighty announced it and we will call him , “O, Ibrahim surely you have made the dream come true, surely we thus reward the doers of good.”Hazrat Ismail (PBUH) grew up and became a young man, so he married a woman from the tribe who lived near him. Syedna Ibrahim (PBUH) once visited his daughter-in-law and at that time Syeda Hajara had passed away. They asked where is Ismail (PBUH), she replied, “He have gone hunting. Hazrat Ibrahim (PBUH) inquired about the condition of the couple, but she did not mention it well.”Hazrat Ibraham (peace be upon him) said: when Ismail (peace be upon him) came, greet him with my greetings and ask him to change the threshold of his door.On his return from hunting, his wife told Hazrat Ismail(PBUH) the whole story. He replied, “He is my father.”And he said, “I will divorce you, so go back your parents home.”Advice to children:The time passed Hazrat Ibrahim (PBUH) came to Makkah from Syria and near Zamzam Well he met Syedna Ismail (PBUH) who was sitting under a tree. Hazrat Ibrahim (PBUH) said: Allah Almighty has commanded me. Isma’il (PBUH) asked: Father do what Allah has commanded? He said: You will help me. Hazrat Ismail (PBUH) answered: Father I will help you. He said, “Allah has commanded me to build his house here and pointed to a high mound nearby.”

Construction of Kaaba:

When Ismail(PBUH) agreed with his father to build the house of God, Ibrahim (PBUH) started the construction work. Allah Almighty told you about the place where the Ka’bah used to be in the past. Allah Almighty lifted him up in the Hazrat Nooh’s (PBUH) storm or he too fell in the flood and there was no one to build it. Syedna Ibrahim (PBUH) was making and Syedna Ismail (PBUH) was carrying stones. When Ibrahim (PBUH) and Ismail (PBUH) were carrying the foundation of the House of Allah, they prayed: “Our Lord! Accept it from us, surely You are the all-hearing, the all-knowing,”Our Lord, make us both obedient to Thee, and make us submissive to Thy obedient ummah from our offspring, and show us our ways of worship, and forgive us.Surely Thou art the Forgiving, the Merciful”.and this stone remained under the wall of the House of Allah, on which was placed the footprints of Ibrahim (PBUH), so that he might become a sign for the worlds.The stone was hard and not soft, and when Islam came Allah Almighty made it permissible to offer prayers behind it .

Therefore, it is divine instruction and you make the place of Ibrahim a place of prayer Upon completion of the construction of Baitullah, Allah Almighty commanded Ibrahim to announce Hajj among the people.So it is a divine command, and they proclaim the Hajj among the people, and they will come to you with their hearts and on every camel, and camels will come from far away So Ibrahim (PBUH) ascended the nearby mountain Jabal Abi and proclaimed it in the name of Allah.”O people, your Lord has made for you a house, so perform Hajj to it.He turned his face to the right and to the left as he made the announcement, as if apologizing for the call to prayer today Allah Almighty made this call of yours to every soul as it was meant to be created.Therefore, he who invokes the Talbiyyah will perform Hajj and he who does not invoke the Talbiyyah will never perform Hajj today. Labik-Allah-Humma-Labaik Talbiyah Does this mean that Allah accepts your blessings again and again?”

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